Monday, May 23, 2011

More iPhone Woes

I had a great run this morning - just how great I will never know thanks to the folks from RunKeeper. I am an Ubernerd so I am all about my pace. I read "Run Less, Run Faster" and bought into the science. I try to hit my target paces within a few seconds. Some days are better than others. Today was my first day of my FIRST training for my first 1/2 marathon. My target pace was 7:35. I did 12 400m intervals pretty damn close to that pace. I know they were actually more than 400m because I timed them on my watch to keep track of my splits which were all about 2:00 or an 8:00 pace (even though my body and my iPhone said it was more like 7:30). In fact I decided to kick a little on my last interval and put in a 7:01.

So what is the problem? Everything was fine when I finished my run. Most of my splits looked great with a couple of GPS farts that I have become used to. Skip forward a few hours and I'm trying to log my data on DailyMile and everything is all jumbled up. The first few splits are different (and slower) and then it flips so my recoveries were fast and my intervals were slow. Obviously it tried to "correct" itself for making my intervals too long by recalculating everything. I would father have it tell me how far/fast I actually went as opposed to how fast I would have gone if I was running around a track and ignoring the woman's voice saying "next interval".

The good news is, my average pace even with slow 90 sec recoveries was 8:51. My target race pace is 8:50. I guess that means I can alternate hauling ass and jogging for 13.1 and be right on my target pace!


  1. That's a pretty nice pace ya got there!
    I won't call myself an Ubernerd, but I am about the numbers when it comes to my running, so I can see your frustration.
    When is your half? I'm training for one right now, it's July 17th.
    Good luck to you with your training and I can't wait to hear about your half :)

  2. Thanks. That is actually a pretty comfortable pace for me for 400m. My half is 10/1. FIRST is an 18 week program. I'm taking 19 just in case. I have a 5k in a few weeks that I booked before I realized when I was supposed to start training. Oops! No racing after that until Oct 1.